12 Aug 2013

An old video from the Hobby Show

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While doing some work on “YouTube” I located an old
video that Rawle Liverpool (Pat) shot at one of the Hobby Shows.

This is a great video showing a lot of the boats well the ones that
can be run in a indoor pool.

 The Show was narrated by the late Ray Davidson

Check it out…..

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  1. Enamoured says:

    These volunteer shows inspired me to begin the R/C hobby. I started with a Tamiya Bug Dune buggy as a kid. That got stolen. Then, when spring arrived, I got a foam boat with a Kyosho “Jackson” outboard motor (still have the outboard) The teen years intervened and I lost track of my R/C friends. Now, as an adult, after crashing planes and trying my hand behind the wheel of cars, buggies and monster trucks, I am finally back to boats. Come on Springtime!

    I really want to say a VERY big thank you to everyone who got involved in these great shows. They were magical to me as a kid and I will never forget the balloon boats or Moby Dick!

    Maybe it’s my turn to give back. But I haven’t seen the R/C boats at recent boat shows. Where are they now?

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