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The Victoria Class is one of the largest, least expensive and most popular R/C model yacht classes in Canada. Fabricated of ABS plastic, it is almost 31” long and weighs just 4 ½ pounds. Because of its small size, it is easily transportable in the family car to sailing venues. The Victoria is manufactured by Thunder Tiger and is available in kit form from several Toronto area hobby stores.

Length: 30.7″
Mast height: 42.8″
Width: 7.7″
Weight: 4.6lbs
Sail Area: 433

The Victoria is relatively simple to assemble and offers good sailing performance both as a pleasure cruiser or a competitive racing boat. While the Victoria is officially designated as a one-design class, the class rules allow owners the flexibility to experiment and upgrade the rig, sails and rigging within clearly defined parameters.

There are several custom-building guides available on the Internet for those who want to upgrade the rigging, spars and sails for competition. With all improvements added, an custom Victoria ready to race would cost about $300 to $400, depending on customization i.e. carbon fiber spars, new sails, batteries, etc. The cost of a good quality radio transmitter would be extra.

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Further information on the Victoria Class Model Sailing Yachts
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 Class Captain and further Information
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Victoria Class Sailing by Eric Wardle of the UK

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