Dragon Force Class

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Class InsigniaRG 65 class

The new Dragon Force class is being added to the MMM racing schedule for the first time in 2015 to attract new people to this fun hobby. This compact sailboat was developed as a proper one design boat for racing, but in a package that allows the first-time sailor to get on the water almost immediately.

Technically a member of the RG 65 (for 65 cm) class, the Dragon Force comes almost fully assembled complete with a 2.4 ghz radio, weights just over 3 pounds and is easy to transport. The Dragon Force is manufactured by Joysway and can be purchased from Leading Edge Hobbies in Kingston, Ontario.

The Dragon Force ships with a pre-painted hull with the sail and rudder servos already installed, rip-proof sails, carbon fiber spars, a wood boat display stand, the 2.4 GHz radio with receiver and an assembly instruction book.

Length: 25.8″ (65 cm)
Mast height: 3.6″
Width: 4.6”
Weight: 3 lbs
Sail Area: 344 sq.”

As a restricted class within the RG-65 one design class of R/C sailboats, the Dragon Force follows a strict set of design rules that allow for little to no modification from the kit offering. However, three different sets of sails are available to allow for adjustment for wind conditions.

Further information on the Dragon Force Class Sailing Yachts

DF International Information Site: http://dragonforce65.com/
DF Hints and Tips: http://www.abersochboatyardservices.co.uk/Dragon%20Force%20Hints%20&%20Tips.php
DF Rules: http://dragonforce65.com/one-class-rules/

For more information please contact:
Mr. Michael Steele email: dragonforcecaptain@metromarine.org

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